At blockROK, we boast a highly talented team that is able to assist you in every facet of the blockchain industry.

Leveraging on years of combined experience in finance, engineering, consulting, and law we stand out from the market –
a multitalented team that combines a wealth of talents to provide the ultimate blockchain services. With this foundation, we are able to solve challenges that are inaccessible to many. As a group of professionals boasting a wide range skills and talents,
the blockROK team is your portal to effective blockchain solutions.

  • James Kim, CPA

    James, a key figure in the cryptocurrency market and an accomplished investor, has participated in a wealth of successful ICOs. With a successful background in finance – most notably as an auditor and a consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers, James is able to offer insight into the blockchain industry, a result of years of technical experience and passion-fueled dedication. As a finance and IT professional, James’ client list boasts only the finest: Microsoft, Samsung, LG, Korea Exchange, Citibank, and Industrial Bank of Korea – to name but a few. Now, with a combination of finance, professional consulting experience, a passion for cryptocurrencies and a profound knowledge of Information Technology, James is eager to serve the market with a passion that can only bring success.

  • Professor Hyoung Joong Kim Ph.D.

    Professor Kim is one of the most renowned scholar in the blockchain community, famous for his exemplary work that has led to the advancement of blockchain technology. He is a professor at Graduate School of Information Security, Korea University, and an expert on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He established Blockchain Engineering Department, and Blockchain Strategy Expert Program at Korea University. His impressive career has culminated at the Head of Korea University Cryptocurrency Research Center. His vast knowledge stems from a background in engineering. He possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s Degree and a Ph.D. in Control and Instrumentation Engineering, all of which were acquired at the Seoul National University. He has served as the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Microsoftware’, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Transactions Data Hiding and Multimedia Security, and as a visiting professor to the University of Southern California. With a wealth of experience and highly valued qualifications, Professor Kim’s expertise is highly sought after at conferences and forums, as his insight is valued by all.

  • JS Park, Attorney at Law

    JS is blockROK’s legal expert. A lawyer by profession and a member of the Korean Bar Association, JS offers legal advice on cryptocurrencies, ICOs, IPOs and M&A. Specializing in the area of regulation and compliance, JS is a leading expert in navigating the complex regulatory landscape, especially concerning cryptocurrency and blockchain. He has served a diverse range of clients, from a cryptocurrency exchange to financial institutions. In addition to being a legal advisor for blockROK, JS also fills two other crucial roles: corporate lawyer for one of the main cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea and expert consultant for the Korean government, who have employed his expertise to develop sensible regulatory policies that govern the cryptocurrency industry.

  • Tina Lee, CPA

    As a member of the AICPA and a former employee at Deloitte, Tina is eager to offer blockROK’s clients advice based on years of experience in a field that requires great detail orientation. With years of experience in tax services, a comprehensive client base, and an up-to-date knowledge of tax law, Tina is at the forefront of a market leading service. By leveraging on her expertise, she delights to offer her clients effective cryptocurrency tax consultancy. With years of experience in corporate tax and a deep understanding of tax compliance, Tina is well equipped to deal with the complexity of the tax environment within the cryptocurrency industry.